Crash Bandicoot Coming to Overwatch!?

Coming to a Play of the Game near you?

Coming to a Play of the Game near you?

Whoa. This is huge. Rumors began to circulate this past weekend that a certain orange marsupial will be making an appearance in one of the most popular shooters of last year. If the scuttlebutt is to be believed, he won't just be making a cameo appearance either, but will in fact be a full-blown playable hero alongside the curvaceous Zenyatta and scrumptious Bastion. Get your fanfics ready, cuz Crash is gonna smash all your favorite Overwatch characters!

Though no art was located as of the time of this writing, datamining revealed a fairly convincing toolkit for our lovable PS1 mascot. His abilities are as follows:


Wumpa Cannon: Crash's main weapon will be his fruit-spewing bazooka from Crash Bandicoot: Warped. This weapon is similar to Pharah's rocket launcher, albeit with a slower moving projectile. The lack of speed is compensated with increased damage and a splash radius larger than that of Pharah's missiles.


Crash Spin

Quick Spin: A tap of the alt-fire button will enable Crash to perform his signature spin attack, which has the ability to deflect projectiles and knock heroes back a short distance. Evidence shows that this spin will operate by the same rules the attack had in the original Crash Bandicoot: up to six spins can be stockpiled at a time, and these can be used in rapid succession. If you deplete them all you'll be left helpless for several seconds while your spin gauge recharges.

Tornado Spin

Tornado Spin: An extended version of the Quick Spin, Crash will now whirl about for several seconds at a stretch. The ability to reflect projectiles remains unchanged from the standard spin, but heroes are now knocked back even further and Crash is given the ability to glide over gaps for the duration of his spin. Even more reason to be weary around ledges!


Body Slam

Body Slam: Crash will perform a powerful body slam, dealing high damage to any enemy heroes directly underneath him and temporarily stunning opponents within a certain radius of his impact point. While this move is very situational, its ability to punish groups of enemies who are caught unaware will force the opposition to spread out and keep an eye on the sky at all times. Seems like Crash and Pharah are going to get along swimmingly!

Aku Aku

Aku Aku: Crash's ultimate ability will see him donning his protective mask Aku Aku and rushing headlong into foes, dealing massive damage to anyone in his path. If you hear the beating of drums, run! While Aku Aku is active Crash will be invulnerable and immune to stuns and snares, and once it expires Crash will be left with a golden mask capable of absorbing two shots before depleting. Be careful though, as an overly zealous Crash player may find themselves deep behind enemy lines with no backup once Aku Aku expires!

Double Jump

Movement: Finally, in addition to the active skills above, Crash's movement will be augmented with two passive abilities. First there's his trusty double jump, allowing for maneuverability similar to that of Genji. Second, to round out the platformer themes of this hero, anyone Crash jumps on will suffer a small amount of damage. While that damage will probably be insignificant, I'm looking forward to the inevitable Play of the Game where an entire enemy team is defeated by an agile Crash player!


It sure sounds like Crash has a lot going on, and in the right hands I can see him leading many a team to victory. I was initially concerned that he was being brought to Overwatch as nothing more than a crass promotion for the upcoming Crash Bandicoot remaster, which is being published by the Activision side of Activision-Blizzard on June 30th. But judging from his moveset it's obvious this is a labor of love from the folks at Blizzard. It looks like Crash is going to fit in right with the rest of the gang!