Destiny 2 LEAKS

Destiny 2 Legit 2 Quit

Destiny 2 Legit 2 Quit

We got all the hot leaks ahead of tomorrow's announcement. What kind of ribaldry might the massive and inexhaustible Destiny community look forward to later this year? Well, for starters...

1. Destiny 2 will be subtitled "The Goblet of Fire"

Holy shit. What could that mean!? Will it have some connection to Oryx? Maybe it's a new sparrow racing cup? Hopefully Bungie will go into greater detail about this intriguing title tomorrow. And speaking of sparrow racing...

2. It will be a stealth-sequel in the Jet Moto series

Be still my throbbing loins. Three things make this a certainty in my mind. First, the last game in the long-dead Jet Moto series featured tracks on Mars and Ganymede, areas already available in Destiny. Second, though Destiny isn't a console exclusive, it has a significant association with the Playstation platform, also home of Jet Moto. Finally, the introduction of sparrow racing drove the Destiny player base to an all-new height which continues to grow to this day. Taken all together, it makes perfect sense that Bungie would retrofit their loot-shooter into a racing game! 

3. Two new factions: The Dewists and the Fantamin

When players start Destiny 2 they will be immediately presented with a choice that will color the narrative of their character for the rest of the game. You will find yourself caught between two warring factions: the extremely refreshing and hip Dewists, and the enigmatic, primarily orange-flavored Fantamin. Your choice of faction will allow you to unlock sick tricks to perform during your sparrow racing, such as the Christ Air unique to Dewists, and the Frumpy Melon Grind of the Fantamin. We're also hearing that your choice is not permanent; supposedly you can change sides through an extensive side-quest, which will allow you to retain all your dope skillz from one factions while earning those available to the other side. Look out for dedicated players with all the hippest moves!

4. There's a dating-sim element

This might be the most exciting, but also the most tenuous. From what we hear you will be able to slowly woo your ghost over the course of months, taking your relationship with your companion from partners to... partners. All I can say is rawr.

Whatever tomorrow's announcement brings, I think we can safely declare Destiny 2: The Goblet of Fire a frontrunner among 2017's GOTY contenders. See you in the destiny! Two!